How does your garden grow?

Since moving to Colorado 4 years ago I have been developing my green thumb and LUCKY me our home came with a large raised planter bed! Colorado does have a short grow season so I am still experimenting each year to see what works best and what doesn’t i.e. Tomatillos don’t work for me! Anyhoo on my top deck outside my kitchen I have my herb garden and it is already popping! I LOVE having my garden on this Ikea cart for so many reasons beyond it looking so fun. When a storm is coming in or a really cool night I just roll it right inside! Over the past 2 years the cart has faded but only a little for being outside 1/2 the year! You should look into getting a cart like this for your patio, you can shop it HERE!

Growing in my cart I have Rosemary, Basil, Thyme, Oregano, Fennel and Lavender and be sure to check back early Fall we will be drying these out and making our own spices! I did it last year and it’s a huge hit! I get my little containers from Lowes, Target, Vintage shops…. I like them to miss match. Like this awesome vintage tin below, I picked up at an antique show over my Birthday. I just love the character it brings to the table and who doesn’t LOVE Elway’s side eye? LOL

My lettuce is growing so good its about time to harvest the first round and hopefully it will produce again! I planted these seeds in a antique ceramic basket I found and it works perfect!

TIP!!!!! When you can’t drill a hole on the bottom for a drain line the bottom of said container with rocks so the water will have a place to run off to instead of soaking your plant too much! It works perfectly but just makes things a little heavier!

You guys check it I am growing potatoes and I officially feel like a farmer! I read up on the best ways to grow potatoes and grow bags seemed to be a hit so I got mine HERE Then Lowes sells “Seed Potatoes” so grab those! And here is how you grow potatoes:

  • Fill the bottom of the bag with about 4 inches of good soil then add your seed potatoes with the growing “eyes” pointing up.
  • Then cover completely, and no your bag will only be about 1/4 full at this point
  • Make sure your soil is moist but not too wet or your potatoes will rot (yuck)
  • Then every time the greens break thru the soil cover them again until in about 1 month your bag will be full and your potatoes on growing on their own!
  • The great thing about these bags is that there is a window to open and see when your potatoes are ready!!!! ENJOY

Here is my garden, we added the little fence to keep the dogs out for the most part! I would say 75% of my garden starts from seeds and I get all mine from Baker Heirloom Seeds. You can visit their site HERE What is great is that people review the seeds so you can research what will work best for you! At the beginning of our season here in Colorado (May) I till my soil and then add a few bags of organic compost before planting. New this year is I am trying Broccoli and corn! Wish me luck!

Do you have a garden? What tips have you found that work for you? Keep checking back and on social media for garden updates! It’s a lot of work but I like getting some sun and it is surprisingly great exercise also!

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