I have told you all how I am organizing memories that our parents sent us both and ya, I have SO much to share but in time people, in time! My last post about 1999 me showed me that even thought we change, evolve and of course grow up that after reading things I wrote I am essentially the same person at heart. 

I have also found while going thru things how many things that I/we did when younger are truly kismet to our lives now.

I mean clearly we all know how much I LOVE ANIMALS and ya, this is baby Nicole going in for a big smooch on a goat. Funny thing I am thinking about planning Mountain Goat Yoga for my Birthday this year! And I have never shied away from mouth kissing any animal! LOL

This is my ALL time favorite picture of myself and it shows pure JOY! And ya I am holding a black kitten like a baby… pretty much something that would still make me smile like that! And then I grew up and had a black cat that I loved more than life. But wait……..

 First of all how ADORABLE is Matt? Here is Matt at the same age holding a tan weenie and we grew up to adopt a tan weenie. At this same age we are literally holding our future, not to be so dramatic but it’s kinda cool.
I know, I think we would have had really adorable blonde kids… but it is what it is. Anyways..

Then my first team to cheer for was The Broncos, same colors and all. And yup, I now live in Bronco country! It’s weird ya know? I even found Matt and I’s Christmas card one year when we lived in Ohio and the picture is us at a Bengals- Broncos game and then 2 months later we find out we are moving to Colorado. I don’t know to me it’s neat to look back and see how the pieces line up

 Have you came across things like this in your life? Do you keep everything like I do?

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  1. Anonymous
    April 4, 2018 / 8:22 pm

    I have tubs and scrapbooks of my girls lives. I have some keepsakes of mine but, not too much. Totally enjoying your and Matt's, and total kismet indeed!

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