37, EEK

 You guys how in the world am I 37 today??????? I am no longer “Early 30s” or “Mid 30s” but “LATE 30s”?! OK, no this is not going to be a post about how much I am loathing this Birthday but a look back at some of my 37 years……
I know, I was born with bags under my eyes and a pony tail… much like how I look today! LOL
I was born 2 weeks late because I was sitting Indian style breach in my Mom not wanting to go anywhere. I was content I guess! LOL

 I love this picture because this face sums me up…. I mean who knows what I am thinking but if this isn’t a Sh** eating grin then I don’t know what is. Plus I’m adorable! LOL

 Oh Junior High, you were not good to me but you make for a fun look back today that is for sure! I have always loved a side pony, I can’t tell you how many pictures I have found with this exact same hair do!

 My last 2 years of High School I really wanted to change things up and I chopped my hair and bleached it because well…. the 90s. I do miss this tan though.

I don’t think I have shared this one before but I was maybe 23-24 here and this was one of my Professional Dance head shots!

And I did skip a few years in there clearly and several different hair styles but here I am today. I might still feel like a 27 year old but I am officially a grown up.

Today I am off to Goat Yoga this morning with my girlfriends followed my brunch and yes you heard me right… Goat yoga!!! Then tonight dinner with Matt and friends!
Cheers to 37!

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