Me, 1999

I received a box from my parents with pictures and memories a few weeks ago and oddly enough Matt’s parents brought  some tubs of the same for him last month. So I have been having a great time going thru everything and I have SO much to share with you all! Today I wanted to share with you these pages from my Leadership class in 1999 where I shared who I was and although I am so different now I am the same Nicole….

This is HYSTERICAL…… my limitations mostly are the same today… I am NO patience and I do hate to loose, just ask Matt! And I may or may not like things my way.  But many of my talents are the same, I am friendly, I have strong speaking skills and I can easily take charge and get things done that need to be.

I love this page and somethings are oddly foreshadowing for the future, a dolphin is who I would be which was the Tri Delt “animal” and then as an adult I have been active in trying to do my part to stop the Taji Dolphin Slaughter.

Also it asks me what flower I would be, I said a ROSE. Then fast forward 8 years on our second date my future husband would get me roses and on the card say “You are like a rose”. The world works in weird ways doesn’t it?

Lastly several times I mentioned Girls Just Wanna Have Fun the movie, OBSESSED is not even the correct word to describe my love of this movie. It spoke to me and also began my obsession with Sarah Jessica Parker! If you sadly don’t know what movie I am talking about here is the vintage trailer….

We all change so much over the years but when you see it in writing the basics of ME are the same. Do you feel like you would still relate if you found your 17 year old selfs answers?

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  1. Becky
    April 2, 2018 / 9:10 pm

    Your handwriting was so much better back then ;-D

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