2 Weeks

Well 2 weeks is almost in the books for us being Vegan. I will say that during this span I have been 99% and it’s harder for Matt when he is out visiting agents so he is about 75% which is great for us both.
Have I seen differences yet? I think it is too early, I do feel good though…. my energy level seems great and I am sleeping better. Spring is hard having migraines due to the snow storms moving in then out here in Colorado which kills my head but overall during the day I am a tad bit better. SO we are going to keep this up for the next 2 weeks and then assess how we feel. I think I will for sure continue this on but I could see us leaning towards pescatarian which would be adding in occasional fish and eggs only.
Has cooking been hard? Not really but the time has been short so I haven’t gotten to do too much. I wanted to show you all somethings I have made over these past 12 days….
I made Orange Scones for breakfast and ya they are more like orange mountains than scones, next time I will cut them smaller! LOL, they were great and Matt loved them!

 Last night was the BEST so far, it’s from the cookbook Chloe Flavor and this is the Vegan Ramen! I even seared off tofu for this one and Matt and I agree this will be made again….. and again….

 For our Saint Pattys day I roasted carrots, cabbage “steaks” with onion sauce and made homemade Irish soda bread! It was really good but I have always been ahead of the game due to my intense love for veggies!

 For our Irish dessert I made homemade Guinness brownies with “Baileys” icing! The icing was amazing and the brownies were good but you could tell the consistency was a little different!

 An example of a lunch I have been having is Avocado toast with sea salt flakes and tomatoes! Who doesn’t love this??

I will keep you guys updated but so far so good. The biggest challenge so far is lunch. Planning out and making ahead lunches for Matt and I since just running thru a drive thru really isn’t an option anymore.

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  1. Beth
    March 23, 2018 / 7:35 pm

    All of this looks so delicious! I love when you post recipes 🙂

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