I am a sucker for haunted house scary movies and even better if it is PG-13 because then I know the gore factor is limited which makes me a happy camper er…. movie goer! EVEN if I hadn’t been to the actual Winchester house I would have wanted to see this movie BUT because Matt and I have been to this house and taken a tour made me super excited!

I look like a baby by the way, we went in 2008 to tour the Winchester house in San Jose on our way to Monterey, CA and I loved it! Sarah Winchester said this is the house spirits built and she had construction on the house 24/7 hence weird things like the staircase to nowhere.

The house is literally straight out of a scary movie and the fact that the real Sarah did think she was haunted by all the victims here Winchester rifles took just amps up the weird, and the house totally had a weird vibe when we took the tour.

I also love that not only has Ghost Hunters but my fav Ghost Adventures have all done shows here capturing proof that this home might actually be haunted. And if you know me then you know I am a believer and I believe this home has some connection to the other side for sure. If you are ever in San Jose you really should take a tour and the history of the home and the family is incredible as well. And there is a Winchester rifle museum on the property as well.

Back to the movie….. sadly this was a total renter. Not scary at all and a little on the silly side, it could  have been so much better heck it had great actors in it. It was a fun Sunday afternoon movie but what until this is at Redbox!

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