Altered Carbon

Oh My GOSH you guys, Altered Carbon!! I knew there was a lot of buzz around this new Netflix series which debuted on Friday so I was already excited but obsessed does not even cover how I feel about this show! Matt and I started this Friday night after dinner and finished the season yesterday before the Super Bowl! The show is very complex to explain… it is set in a dystopian San Fransisco much like a Blade Runner environment. In this version of our world your entire life, mind and conciousness is downloaded onto these things called Stacks inside your neck and therefor if you can afford to you can purchase new “sleeves” of yourself or other people and essentially live forever. Changing between these sleeves when you see fit. Throw in Joel Kinnaman who is the last of this ancient order from 250 years ago who is brought back to life to solve a murder. I know it sounds bizarre but it is SO RAD! Everything Netflix created in this world is enchanting and throw in a ton of violence and nudity and WHAM…. Altered Carbon. Needless to say this is an adults only show! Now you must like SciFi to enjoy this, it’s heavy on the SciFi yet solving the puzzle that is this show will keep you obsessing! AND it doesn’t hurt that Joel Kinnaman is easy on the eyes! wink wink
OK ok I will stop but please go start this series today and if it is too much violence and nudity for you, like say nude samurai fight scene then I warned you.
Check it out………

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