1. the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal.

    “measures of a patient’s progress toward wellness”

For the past few years I have done a word of the year, not a resolution but a theme for the year. You can see my past 2 years HERE. Last year was restore and the year before hope.
It’s funny how even being at a doctor twice a week for a few years with infertility can actually cause you to put off other areas of your life. You are so focused on thing, everything else slips away. My migraines have been there the whole time…. my cross to bear. This year I am going to start trying new things again to help alleviate them. You guys I have at least 4 migraines a week, I just don’t talk about it a much anymore because it’s like… whats the point. Anyways…
This year I want to (among other things) focus on my wellness. Here are some of the ways I plan on doing this….
* Migraines, I already started last week a new daily medicine to see if it will help reduce the frequency of them. Bi-Weekly massages on my head and neck to work out tension before it creates a migraine.
* Acupuncture, I use to go all the time during infertility treatments and then I just stopped. I am going to start back twice a month so migraines and just my overall chi and wellness
* Yoga, I have been told many times that this will and can not only strengthen my body but help with my anxiety and migraines AND a new place Yoga Pod opened in my neighborhood this week. I made the leap and joined. My goal is twice a week.
* I need to loose 6-7 pounds and then as always maintain.
* I am going to walk more and be more active outside when the weather is good here. Kayaking in Georgetown, walking my neighborhood trails… for me I need things that don’t feel like a workout.
* I need to almost completely eliminate my stupid lazy fast food lunches. I have to get a better plan together.
* I am going to continue to read for fun and for my happy soul.

Thats my start and to pay for these added additions I truly need to cut back on my spending. If I pass HomeGoods once that will pay for that massage. If I don’t but nonsense that will cover may yoga. I’m going to try really hard.
Do you have a word of the year? A theme?


  1. Anonymous
    January 2, 2018 / 9:17 pm

    You and a couple others I know do words, so I did this year for the first time. My word for 2018 is JOY. Depression has overtaken me for months along with weight gain after a devastating unexpected loss, financial issues, and just all the negativity in my soul. I lost someone I cared for and saw a potential future with, after being divorced over 6 years and accepting being alone, he truly changed that thought process. He was taken far too young on April 29 and just as things were starting to click.I continued to hold together the weight loss for a couple months until my Mom had one too many falls at her previous memory care center. The thought of losing someone else especially her, just has had me in a spiral like a plane headed to the ground, and I haven't been able to pull up. I am not 100% comfortable with her new place, even at an astronomical monthly cost. With visits every other day or daily. Sorry to vent.I chose Joy instead of Happiness because, it's just different. It is a peaceful quiet form of happiness. Not this loud over the top. I guess a cautious form of happiness. My plan…-Memorize scripture about joy.-I have a devotional on Embracing Joy in His Presence.-Expanding my circle of women at my home church, to build confidence and purpose in a 7 week class, WILD. (Women in Leadership Development).-Let go of fear of happiness and it being yanked out again.-Finding some form of movement that will not impact my knee and ankle (I go for my Physical Therapy evaluation tonight.)-Weight Watchers…do the program, not just pay for it, warm a seat weekly, and watch the number on the scale increase weekly. -Plan a trip alone. I have not traveled for fun in 12 years (true story). Canada in September is my goal. Calgary and Winnipeg to visit some family.

  2. sarahy9353
    January 3, 2018 / 12:24 pm

    I suffer terribly from chronic migraines too, so I would love to hear your progress as you continue on your wellness mission. Keep us updated with how the acupuncture and massages help you. Fingers crossed they give you some relief.

  3. Anonymous
    January 3, 2018 / 3:55 pm

    I suffer from chronic migraines, too (55/60 days). I am on 2 daily meds and an abortive. I also do massage and acupuncture. They helped a bit, but mainly keeping my migraines at a level where I could function. At my neurologists suggestion, I started a low carb diet (20-40g of carbs a day) and it took a bit to figure out my sweet spot of 30ish grams. But since I’ve been doing it (October), I have only had 3 breakthrough migraines. I tried all the food triggers (nuts, citrus, processed meats, wine, etc.) and nothing worked for me, but keeping my net carbs low has changed my life. I no longer have to do massage and acupuncture. Just something to consider. Good luck!

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