Hey Guys, can you believe that January is about to wrap up? In one sense it feels like it was Christmas yesterday but another part of me feels like it should be March already! I wanted to update you all on my Year of Wellness! I know that results will take time, I have only been back to acupuncture twice, had 2 massages and been on a new migraine med for 6 weeks…. things take time. Honestly this month has felt like I am moving backwards…. this past week I had a migraine every single day, I am at a breaking point. And over the weekend both Matt and I came down with colds, I am just sick all over right now. It’s discouraging for sure. Why body is so full of migraine medicine and cold medicine and that alone makes me feel horrible and upsets my stomach! UGH. But I will keep on keeling on and see how next month goes.
On a GOOD note……. I really enjoy yoga! I went twice a week this whole month and in fact my teacher said I need to move beyond PodBasics because I am doing so well, that is so awesome to hear. I find it really challenging and as I am sore all over I think about how strong I will be in the months to come. This week I will most likely miss classes because I don’t want to get anyone sick and that makes me sad. I am very proud of myself, who knew there might be a yogi in me!
How are you doing in your new year goals? Like I say change is hard even when it is good and good things take time!

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  1. Anonymous
    January 29, 2018 / 8:28 pm

    Sorry about the health issues but, huge congrats on the Yoga!! I joined JC a little over a week ago, I have eaten about 90% of their food…so not losing like I want. The other 10% is Starbucks and CFA. Keeping it real! Just in a funk and want comfort food.

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