Best of 2017, Matt and I

 Each year is always full of hard times and loss and 2017 was no different for us. But I know that for myself especially I NEED to look back and remember the great times of 2017, sometimes the great is easier to forget than the tough. I put together some of my favorite moments in 2017 between Matt and I………

Of course, CABO for our 10 year Anniversary. This resort was absolute perfection, the company was great, the uninterrupted time was a gift and the FOOD!! Eating a delicious lunch on our patio chairs everyday was a highlight for me. SO simple I know but I can literally close my eyes and transport myself to this moment.

 Celebrating something like a 10 year anniversary was a TOP highlight. Enough said.

Our travels, I love seeing new places I have never been to before. Seattle has been on my list for a long time and I was so excited to finally be able to go with Matt. And being treated like royalty from Farmers Insurance was such a great treat!

 Also going with Matt back to Charlotte to spend time with his friends and tour his college stomping grounds was great. Then we headed on to Asheville which was a great and relaxing time.

You know we LOVE concerts and 2017 was full of them! YAY! Red Rocks is always a favorite venue and this year we got to go to Steve Miller with Matt’s parents and that was so fun! The concert highlight of year for me was QUEEN! It was perfection!

Matt and I are so lucky to be able to take our friends to the Georgetown house. We took this awesome group below at the end of Summer and it was truly a highlight for us both. Great friends, great location, great food and so much fun! Thank you all for spending it with us and CHEERS to many many more days like this to come!

 Another highlight was Matt and I being able to volunteer and serve together. Together we each volunteered over 40 hours this year.

 Lastly GAMES! Matt and I love going to sporting events, seeing a game in Seattle was awesome. We took in Thunder games, St Louis Cardinal games and all of it is always so special for us to do together.

All I can say now is we are looking forward to what 2018 has in store for us. Hopefully travel, concert and games! (wink wink)

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