Thanksgiving in Oklahoma

 Man o Man did Matt and I have a jammed packed week in Oklahoma!! We did as much and saw as many people as we could! Sunday I went to church with Marissa, Mom and Dad to see my brother-in-law Ryan play in the praise and worship band and after Dad took us all to brunch!

Then Matt and I were able to spend the afternoon celebrating Jackson our nephew at his 1st Birthday party! It was nice to be able to help celebrate Jackson and help Colby with the party, it was nice for me to be helpful and involved!

 During the week we each took nights with our families, we met up with everyone in Matt’s family one night for dinner and then another night Marissa cooked for Matt and I so we go to spend time at her house and see our other nephew of the fur kind Oakley!!!!

The night before thanksgiving Matt, Mom, Dad and I went to see our OKC Thunder BEAT Golden State! What a fun night and wear a great game!!! Getting up bright and early the next morning was tough for all of us! Matt and I headed out to spend the day with his family starting with Thanksgiving brunch which was so good! We filled the beautiful Oklahoma day with yard games, relaxing and Savage family photos!!!

 We then headed back over to my Mom and Dads for Thanksgiving dinner! It was nice to have us all together! We laughed, ate and ended the night with a movie…. perfect if you ask me!

During the week we were also able to squeeze in time with some of our friends, shopping and I spent a lot of time helping Mom organize her new closet!
Monday Mom and I went to lunch with Oma and took her to a movie, we saw Wonder and it was so incredible. This is one of those movies that not only entertains but teaches so much. Everyone should be required to see this movie and take their children to see this too. This movie had heart, laughs, sadness and inspiration. This is a great Holiday movie for anyone!

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