Mr. Elway Savage

 How can it be? ONE year ago today we brought home a little scared puppy! One year ago today this little guy hit the jackpot of homes and everyday since he has ruled the house. His motto in life is “I do what I want” LOL!!!

I wish that for a day or two he could be that small again, it is so hard to remember him being that little…even though he is still so small! Everyone who meets him falls in love with him and lucky for everyone getting loved on is his favorite thing!

 Elway is our most expressive child, he has a different sound for everything and I swear to you I understand it all. We have full on conversations and most of those are him bossing me around.

 This little guy loves hard, plays hard and snuggles hard. The relationship Ralph and Elway has literally fills me with so much love. Ralph is the BEST big brother and watching the two of them play is so awesome! And yup, they even snuggle together too. Right now as I am typing this the two of them are having wrestle mania in the living room. The way Elway charges at the Ralph is so cute, I swear!

 In the beginning a new puppy was hard, I swear he hated us all and missed his real mommy but after we got over that stage it has been smooth sailing. This little guy fills our life with so much JOY. Even after the hardships of this year loosing 2 of our children this little guy fills us with love.

 It’s been a fast year full of firsts for Elway and each day his bond on our hearts grows. Happy 1 year anniversary little guy!

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  1. Anonymous
    November 16, 2017 / 3:10 pm

    Happy Anniversary Elway. He is one very blessed dog. I know he does not replace your losses this year but, it is nice to see the love and joy he fills y'alls hearts with.

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