10 Year Anniversary

Our anniversary in Mexico was perfect, we spent the day by the pool… relaxing, reading, swimming, eating and drinking! The resort staff was so great everyone wished us Happy 10 years throughout the day!

 So… I am a keeper…. and this is the bottle of Champagne from our wedding night 10 years ago. We didn’t open it but instead kept it, this bottle has lived in Oklahoma and Ohio and has a story to tell. Our butler took the bottle and chilled it in the Butler fridge and then had it all set up for us when we got back from the pool.

 I’m not gonna lie drinking this bottle 10 years later (it was still great) on our patio overlooking the Sea of Cortez was perfect. I also have a fun story….. the bottle of champagne is from Chateau Set Michelle in Washington WHICH HAPPENS to be the winery Matt and I toured while we were in Seattle. Isn’t that neat?

 Every single year I have done the traditional “anniversary gift” for Matt and I love it. I racked my brain for months about a diamond gift that Matt would like and I could afford (LOL) Then it hit me….. His favorite diamond is a baseball diamond. So I got him a bottle of authentic dirt from Busch Stadium in St Louis, his favorite diamond.

 Matt was so thoughtful, we both have matching arrow tattoos and it has always spoke to us with the meaning behind the arrow …… once you are pulled back or in a hard time you/arrow can only go forward. SO Matt had this arrow necklace made for me with real diamonds! It’s perfect!

 That night we went to the fancy steakhouse at One & Only and got all gussied up! Look how stunning that sunset is behind us! We had a lovely meal and our favorite wine Pinot Noir, this time the bottle we picked was from Germany. We loved it!

When we got back to the room of course our butler had designed a flower design on our bed and put candles all over the room! And in perfect fashion we went to bed before 10pm! LOL
It was such a great day, one we will always look back on for sure! Happy 10 years to US! Now I need to wait for 20…..

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