This is Us, Part 6

*Firsts and Things we LOVE*

You guys this pic below is of our FIRST Christmas together! In fact this was 2006, we were engaged and I was in the middle of my NBA season… hence the tan! LOL! This was also our 1 year dating anniversary! awe! Ever since this first Christmas together our 2 families work well together, Christmas Eve has always been spent with Matt’s family and Christmas Day mine. We were also both lucky to be the oldest and we set that rule so all our siblings just fell into line when they got married! LOL 

(ps- I wish I still had that cute thermal)

This was either New Years Eve 2006 or 2007. Who knows. We are eating dinner at Mickey Mantle’s Steakhouse in OKc. I worked there for almost 4 years I believe and honestly it is still one of my favorite jobs because it gave me LIFE long friends. Thru a co-worker Mike I met his wife Allison and I still consider her one of my dearest friends plus at least 4 other people I still keep in touch with today! So this place will always be special to me and not just because of the great food!

Matt and I went on our first vacation after the honeymoon to Monterey, CA and it was incredible! This was a Farmers Insurance trip and the location could not have been more amazing. Since this we have been on 6 wonderful trips thru Matt’s accomplishments in his career with Farmers Insurance . 

 Matt and I LOVE to go to concerts and in fact I doubt I could recite all the ones we have been too! It literally could be over 50! This was early on in like 2007 I talked Matt into going to see Rod Stewart with me, I will always say for the most part Matt is a good sport! It was so much fun! People we love are Kings of Leon and then Incubus who we have collectively seen 4 times together and I have seen 6 times total!

Matt and I both graduated in 1999 so in 2009 was our 10 year reunions. We actually only went to Matt’s and decided to skip out on mine. So maybe we will do my 20th and not his?

Below is me with Mr. Prom King, Homecoming King and Varsity Athlete! What a catch huh ladies?

 Matt and I both LOVE going to sporting events and for Matt’s 30th Birthday I surprised him with a weekend away to Denver to see our first EVER NFL game! Who would of thought that 3 1/2 years later we would be calling this place home. Funny how things work out.

 Let me tell you the ways we love our OKC Thunder!!! My family has season tickets and Matt and I were at the first EVER Okc game in 2008!!! Thunder UP

In 2011 I was lucky enough to be able to surprise Matt the morning of the World Series with tickets to the game to cheer on our Cardinals!! You see I love gifting things to Matt or sharing experiences with him. The fact that I was able to give him the ULTIMATE sports fantasy is really selfish because of how happy it made me too!

Last Summer Matt and I went (Thanks to Farmers) to see a game at Fenway and spend time in Boston!! So fun!

 And just a few weeks ago we both went to Seattle for the first time. I love seeing the first picture in this group which was 11 years ago and seeing us now. We have changed, gotten older, wiser, been thick and thin and been thru so much but I do still see the faith for what is and could come in our eyes.

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