This is Us, Part 5

 A Place to Call Home

Oklahoma * Ohio * Colorado

 Matt and I bought our first home right before we were engaged! The house above was in Oklahoma and in fact was in the neighborhood right next to my High School. I loved the location and I loved how we made this house our home. Even though many times I hated this house! It had a lot wrong and we worked thru fixing so much but each year we did just that fixed something up. Isn’t that what a first home is suppose to be? When I go home I still always drive by… Matt and I created those flower beds, we laid those pavers and trimmed those hedges.  Below was our first Christmas. Our First home and our Christmas decorations!
I have a sweet story about Christmas one year, I can’t even remember which one but it is when Twilight or like New Moon opened in theaters and I left that afternoon for a before the movie party with my girlfriends. I got home late after the movie and when I pulled up Matt single handedly put up all the Christmas decorations. It was magical turning onto my street and seeing my house lit up as a surprise for me!

 I had lived within a few miles of my family for 30 years when Matt announced we were moving to Columbus, Ohio… a state I had never been to before. It didn’t go over very well to say the least but we forged thru. We call these years the “Dark Years”… it was tough being away for the first time, Matt’s career was changing and all that put so much pressure on our marriage. It was hard. Below is the home we bought in Ohio, Pickerington to be exact…. about 15 miles south of downtown Columbus. We did love this home so much, it was a perfect place for our family to visit us and we had a HUGE backyard with a pond. We aptly named all our Koi fish after the Okc Thunder Players!

I loved this home, well…..everything except for the WHITE carpet! EEK! But this kitchen was my fav and I fell in love with this home and this state for the most part. I thought this was a forever move so I found things I loved about the city and some I do still miss today. I loved the Short North, North Market, German Village and I will always look back fondly on Mom and I’s trips to Ohio Amish country!  With that being said our move to Colorado was one of the best things for us…

Colorado is quite a change from Oklahoma and Ohio and not just the money part. We lived in a cute townhouse for almost 2 years when we moved here with our garage wall to wall boxes that didn’t fit into the house! LOL! We tested out a ton of suburbs and ultimately fell in love with Castle Rock. 

Cute story for you guys, after we had been here for a few months I found the Castle Rock Outlet Mall, I mean of course I did. About a mile from the mall I drove into this cute community called The Meadows and I fell in love. I told Matt that day that this is where I wanted to live, I just felt it. I toured homes and got discouraged by the prices and demand but then 1 1/2 later we bought our home in The Meadows. I guess sometimes when you know, you know. 

I hope this is our home for some time to come. Finishing out our basement is our next goal, it will be like a complete in-law suite or parents suite in my case. Our boys love being able to “free range” in the yard, hang out on the patio and in this home I have learned to garden. 

We love Denver and we love sharing it with our friends and family. Hopefully the buck stops here. AND…. literally out of our backyard is Deer and bucks daily !☺️

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  1. Anonymous
    October 23, 2017 / 6:16 pm

    Kind of like hating the end of each Tuesday night's episode, I am sad that it has come to the season finale (not series).Thank you for letting us in our you and Matt's "This is Us" journey. Lots of sweetness and transparency.

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