This is Us, Part 4

The Honeymoon

Sandals Whitehouse in Jamaica 

 We stayed 1 week at Sandals Whitehouse in Jamaica which is now rebranded as Sandals South Coast or something. I LOVED this resort and the white sand beaches! I loved Sandals! We were thinking about going to Sandals St Lucia for our 1 year but we didn’t want to go somewhere with such a long travel time. Mexico is easier, a few hours and 1/2 a day instead of like 8-10 hours of travel!

 We had a wonderful time and looking at the picture below I can’t believe how young Matt looks. In fact on this trip we also celebrated Matt’s 27th Birthday just like on our trip next week we will be celebrating Matt’s 37th Birthday! Lucky duck gets to piggy back vacations for birthday celebrations! I even remember what I got him for his Birthday on our honeymoon… I got him a new watch. I have always said that this week in October is my favorite of the whole year…. It’s Fall, Our Anniversary, Matt’s Birthday and Halloween! I wanted to maybe stay in Cabo for Halloween and celebrate the day of the dead there but I was worried about our dogs and being scared with people ringing the doorbell to trick or treat and if our pet sitter would be there that night during that time. So we are coming home that afternoon,  I know we really love our animals!

 I will tell you 2 never before insights into our honeymoon:
1. Before cell phones were what they were today and long distance calling with still thing, I called my parents collect everyday from our honeymoon to see how Oscar was doing and to check in. Not so funny part was that my parents got a bill for hundreds of dollars from my calls! LOL ….eek!
2. Also, one night on our honeymoon Matt and I actually got into a fight and we didn’t even eat dinner together. I know that sounds shocking but that kinda goes with both of our firm personalities! I even remember what it was over…. should we get joint checking accounts. (eye roll)

I do remember not wanting our honeymoon to end, it is so true that after the stress of the wedding the vacation is exactly what you need.
Our trip next week is actually only our 3rd vacation together including our honeymoon. All other trips have been with Farmers Insurance and we have then stayed extra or just a weekend away! So I am excited!

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  1. Anonymous
    October 23, 2017 / 1:38 pm

    What a beautiful place and I can't wait to hear about this next vacation. My Ashley Kate went to St Lucia for her honeymoon, and maybe it was all the hours of travel. I was up really late and calling the hotel repeatedly to see if they checked in. They would arrive after dark and as I suspected, the roads were dark, rural, and windy in the mountains.I know the guy at the front desk thought I was crazy but, by the third or fourth call they were literally at the front desk checking in! The guy handed Ashley the phone and I have never honestly asked her if she was embarrassed or flattered to see how much I cared. Yes, I was and still am a worry wart Mom but, getting better. (That was just the farthest she had ever been away from me!) I know her husband realized what he already knew, what kind of a crazy Mom I was.

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