This is Us, Part 1

How Did We Meet?

For a long time Matt and I only told people we met thru our mutual friend… which is true to an extent. Think about it 12 years ago meeting and talking to someone online was weird. Trust us, it was. Who remembers Myspace? Remember how you could have a Top 5 friends list? Well my bestie Melissa told her childhood friend Matt to check out the girl on her Top 5. (chuckles) And well… Matt “Myspaced” me and we began talking via Myspace for a few weeks. Here was Matt’s first line to me ever…..

“I heard you like baseball players and I am a former college baseball player”

That’s it folks, apparently the line that hooked me… LOL (eye roll)!!!!!! We then talked on the phone for a week or two before the BIG first date… Christmas Day 2005

Christmas Day you ask? Yup, that evening after we were both done spending time with our families I asked Matt to go to the movies with me. In fact here is the ticket stub from our first date, it is framed on our gallery wall. We saw Rumor Has It with Jennifer Aniston and it was’t very good!

Much to the dismay of BOTH of our families I like to joke that after 1 month of dating Matt spent the night at my apartment and never left and here we are 12 years later. For is we instantly just… worked. 

Our first year together was mostly spend in arenas, me dancing on the turf or court and Matt in the stands! This picture below was taken after we had been together for about 3 months after one of my AFL games. #babies

 During our first year together we bought a home, adopted our first love Oscar while managing careers and my dancing schedule. Matt moved his insurance office into a space in my Dad’s building and we would even carpool to work together somedays since I too worked for my Dad.

After my year with the NBA I had saved up all the money I made that season and surprised Matt with a quick trip to St. Louis to see his Cardinals play at Busch Stadium and my first MLB game! That was a fun trip! Go Cards!

 Sometimes I look back at these photos and can’t even recall exactly the moments, so much has happened since. How did the time fly by?

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  1. Anonymous
    October 20, 2017 / 2:23 pm

    I always wondered how the first date being on Christmas Day came to be?Christmas first date and Halloween engagement…y'all love holidays! So awesome. Good ol' myspace!

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