This is Us, 10 Years Later

As you read this we are on the beach enjoying a relaxing day celebrating 10 years of marriage. Marriage has ups and downs, times when we could have said enough but we always stick together. Even as I type this I can not believe 10 years, I mean when you first get married you always wonder what those milestone anniversaries will be like and where we will be in our life but the fact that it is already hear blows my mind. I am so proud of us, truly. And thank you to our friends and family who are on this journey with us. In the next 10 years my wish for us is to first be happy and in love. I wish that whatever decision we choose on children will bring us peace. I wish that our animals will always be a constant joy that fills our lives. I wish that Matt’s career will bring him happiness and he will continue to succeed plus manage a work/home balance. I wish that I will continue with Real Estate and help secure our financial future.

Matt, even thought I know that out of everyone I know you would be the LAST person to read my blog in the off chance that you are (or I make you) I love you. I am glad we found each other. Happy 10 Years love!

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