You all know that I do plenty of research before taking a trip….. yes, partly because I am crazy like that but also because I want to be able to take in as much as I can in a new city. Good news about that is I am sharing with you all the fun we had! Sometimes the typical tourist spots can still be the best places to visit.

The gum wall. Why? NO idea but this Instagram worthy spot is a hot destination in Seattle. This is tucked in a alleyway by Pikes Place market and the fact that it is hidden and dirty just adds to the draw, for real. 

 The Fremont Troll is a massive art installation under a bridge. I will say this is about a $19 uber ride and 20 minutes outside of Seattle, also this is in a off beat spot so once you get your picture that is that. If you have the time go check this out, it’s neat for sure but this doesn’t need to top your list.

 I love everything haunted and historic so absolutely our first stop was the Underground Seattle Tour. I researched all the tours and took the Bill Spiedel’s Tour which had the best reviews. You can check out their site HERE
Seattle is essentially built on top of old Seattle and the stories are incredible. The tour is 75minutes and I loved being down there picturing what is was like, seeing the memories left behind and wondering if spirits still lurk down below. Sadly, my hopes were a little high… the tour was jammed packed and although I learned a ton I still wanted more. BUT everyone I know loved this tour more than me and I highly recommend it.

There are still shop signs, bed springs and walk ways underground the Seattle that we all know. I wish I had had more time to go back and do a haunted night tour!

 We were lucky to be able to take in a baseball game while in Seattle. Matt and I love checking out stadiums and taking in games when we are on vacation. And this was a stunning Seattle day, it was so enjoyable….. Baseball, Sunshine, Food and drinks!

 Safeco field is pretty neat with the retractable roof and all and this stadium sits right next to the NFL stadium as well.

 I knew that Washington has quite the large wine industry and I was able to carve out a little time one afternoon to visit Chateau St Michelle winery in Woodinville, WA! You can check out the site HERE

 We got a free tour of the winery, saw the grapes and then had a tasting! It was fun because this brand is literally on so many wine lists it will be fun to look back and remember our time there! If you have more time there are a TON of smaller wineries all around Woodinville and you can stay the whole day and wine taste away!!! HERE is the website all about Washington Wine Country!

 The Space Needle is the one thing you always think about when you hear Seattle so we headed on over after breakfast one morning. Funny thing is that when we got up top I was SO SICK! I literally got vertigo so bad I felt like I was on a ship and I was sick to my stomach. I swear I am such a weirdo!

 The views from up top are awesome and you are able to stay as long or for me as short as you want!

 Then much to my surprise next door was the Chihuly Museum. Dale Chilhuly was from Seattle which I didn’t know and this museum at the base of the space needle is the perfect place.

 Can you spot the space needle in this pic?

 The outdoor garden was equally as stunning and we were so glad that we stumbled upon this hot spot. Plan your trip HERE

 One day while Matt was in workshops I had a lovely morning at the Seattle Japanese Tea Garden!

 What made it even more incredible is the Fall colors all over Seattle and especially at this garden! I highly recommend checking this place out and if you do be sure to feed the Koi fish!
Check it out HERE

 Matt and I spent some time walking along the “boardwalk” we had Ivars clams, watched Seagulls attack people, we rode the huge Ferris wheel and then we checked out the Seattle Aquarium. We enjoyed it and we got to get really up close with otters and sea lions… both are Puppies of the sea! And you can’t tell me anything different!

 You thought we were going to get thru this post without talking about the market? HA! Each day I spent a little time here, even getting flowers for our room for the week! BUT the best thing I did all week was the Early VIP Market Food Tour! They offer a ton of tours you can see HERE but the early morning was perfect. The market wasn’t busy and who doesn’t want to start the day off with fresh donuts? What was really neat is after the tour I went back and shopped at all those places!

 The famous fish throwing guys gave us a chance to catch fish and answer questions which was very cool! Just as I type this I am hungry for some fresh seafood!

One night for dinner we ate right next to this sign at Matt’s in the Market, which was delish and with views like this… perfect!

Speaking of food where should you eat?? Oh don’t worry I have you covered!!!! These places are so good and you won’t go wrong…..
* Matt’s in the Market
* Pikes Place Chowder 
* Ivars
AND my #1 place to eat in Seattle is………..
The Pink Door
Matt and I were both obsessed with that meal from start to finish and the fact that everything but their meat comes from their own farm is even more amazing!

Extra thing to do: Tour the Boeing Factory in Everett, WA! It was an incredible tour and day spent there!


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