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For the past 2 months I have been working with a new Interior Design client and this past Sunday it finally was install day! Before we talk about this house I will share with you all a little of how and what I do. 

I specialize in using things you already have in your home in a new way while bringing in new items to make those items shine. Sure, I would love to start from the ground up but for most people (myself included) that is not realistic. I come in with fresh eyes and a plan to turn your house into a HOME.

I will meet you discuss your wants/needs and tour your home. Then I will come back with my design boards to present to you! You can see this families boards HERE If needed be I will make changes and once we decide we move forward with a plan. 

Once everything arrives and I have shopped for all your new stuff install day is here…. AND I kick you out of your home for 7+ hours! LOL

Let’s see the BEFORES:

Living Room

 Home Office

 Hallway and might I add the client made this and I wanted to make sure to turn this into a focal piece!

 Guest room (and yes, I just caught them on a messy day)

 Now let’s see the AFTER:
Literally by moving around the furniture in the office it looks TWICE as big! I kept it clean and simple while highlighting their memories. A rug helps ground the desk and gives it it’s own space.

 They had a HUGE long hallway so I created a “landing” space. A little vignette of a place to sit, store and check yourself before you head out for the day!

 If you remember these painting created by the couple were just laying on top of the shelves in the office and I love personal touches so I gave them their very own gallery wall. Plus there is room to add on…….

 OMG first of all look at their cutie pie dog Wren! She looks like a model in the guest room! I wanted to completely change the look of this room and make it bright and inviting. The Aspens above the bed and the framed Rocky Mountains print on the wall play homage to our beautiful state.

 My clients love maps so I added touches of them throughout the house. I wanted a huge print to anchor this table….

 And also by adding these awesome metal bins under the table it gives it more depth… functional and stylish!

I am SO PROUD of this, in one of the bins I got vintage maps cu tin 1/2 and rolled to fill with. It looks so cool and also is a play off their love of maps! When this came together I was giddy with excitement!

If you remember their living room had a weird blank space and I needed to add height to the room so I found this awesome ladder shelf that was also a great price! On that bottom shelf I brought in more of those vintage maps to tie the rooms together with. 

 I love creating gallery wall, this makes the house feel like a home full of memories and it is also so chic!

 Look at how that new rug brightens the room and adds warmth! LOVE

 Lastly the dining room… we added modern curtains, those great Ikat prints to tie in the blues plus the huge fork and spoon!!! They did not have a dining room rug which is a must…. it perfectly completes the room!

Right before they came back I was like crap, what if they don’t love it but they did! And in fact the next morning I got the sweetest text from them again telling me how in love with everything they are!



  1. Anonymous
    September 15, 2017 / 1:48 pm

    Another awesome job!! Looks amazing. You have such a talent/gift for decorating and definitely making a house into a HOME!

  2. Becky V
    May 31, 2018 / 9:50 am

    Nicole, I am amazed at the gift you have for a vision of how each room should be organized, and I love the pops of color that you put into each room makeover! Lovely!

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