Day Trippin’

Saturday was a beautiful Colorado day and the perfect weather for a day trip! We headed up for a quick detour of the Georgetown house and as we were driving up the Guenella Pass there were hints of Fall Colors already!

 This picture should be called LOOK! We are on a rock! LOL! And ya those are two kayaking strangers photobombing us!

 On the drive to Georgetown I always pass Idaho Springs and I see the Argo Mine off in the distance and this was the day that we finally stopped!!!

 This mine stopped working over 100 years ago and JUST this past May was open to the public for tours! You didn’t spend much time in the tunnels since most of them are flooded out but this mine still has the mill, it was incredible.

 There are rumors this is haunted and everything is JUST as it was 100 years ago so you can literally feel the past, the energy and imagine the stories these walls have seen!

We had such a fun day, busy yet somehow relaxing at the same time! The only bad thing about this weekend was after we got home from Idaho Springs I got really car sick which brought on a HUGE migraine which lasted thru Monday!

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