Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

You all know that I LOVE animals but I have a hard time going to Zoo’s. 4 years ago Mom and I went to the Denver Zoo and we left so upset that I haven’t been back to any zoo since. I have always read about the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, one of 2 Zoo’s in the US actually in the mountains and this is also the #5 Zoo in the country. I did research, read about their enrichment programs for the animals and conservation efforts and we all decided to give it a whirl!

 I am SO glad we did, this was the BEST Zoo experience I have ever had! And not just because we were able to get so close but because the animals all seemed so happy, their enclosures were amazing and every single day each animal has wonderful enriching things to keep them occupied.

 And oh ya, this happened…….. We got to feed and love on Giraffes. We arrived right when the Zoo opened so there were over 16 Giraffes ready for breakfast! PLUS a baby Giraffe which was SO cute! And I thought their tongues would be slimy but they aren’t! LOL

 We watched the Elephant yoga, which helps them loosen their joints and then we got to feed a 45 year old Elephant! She was so sweet, I was just sad it went by too fast.

 I haven’t been this close to an elephant before and it was incredible, animals are so amazing. But no I couldn’t pet or hug her that was against the rules and I get that!

 This is a a smile that conveys my pure joy!

 The Zoo is in Colorado Springs and overlooks the Broadmoor down below, it was just stunning!

 We were so lucky right when we walked up to the Tiger exhibit she was in full play mode! She was jumping, attacking her ball and swimming all around. It was the best.

 You guys check this little guy out….. this is a porcupine asleep on a branch with it’s little tongue out. I swear it was so cute. Also a lot of animals are able to roam free, different birds, wallabies and these guys, sloths…. so neat

 Heck ya I snuggled a goat! Dad caught me telling it how sweet it is while giving it so much love.

 They had this fun restaurant in the Zoo that overlooked all of Colorado Springs and it was nice to relax for a bit before heading on. We thought we would be at the Zoo for 2 hours or so but we loved it so much we spent over 5 hours at the zoo!

 Ya, so this happened…. Mom and I rode the Carousel! It was actually MUCH faster than we thought it would be! LOL

 The Zoo also had a Ski lift that takes you over all the enclosures so the 3 of us jumped on. It was so fun.

 And of course before we left we had to go feed the giraffes one more time, it was just the neatest experience

 We had a great day, the only down side was navigating the 1000s of strollers everywhere! LOL


  1. Jamie
    September 7, 2017 / 1:59 pm

    This is hands down one of my favorite places ever! When I lived in Colorado I took EVERYONE to visit! I can't wait to take Ellie one day!

  2. Anonymous
    September 12, 2017 / 5:18 pm

    That looks like an amazing zoo and the views. I am glad your Dad got the shots of you with the goat and giraffe. That giraffe knew you were giving it some love and it wanted to love you back (with a kiss like Elway and Ralphie).

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