Book Club Day Trip!

Last Saturday I invited 10 girls from my Book Club to meet in Georgetown for a little day trip and they were so excited! I loved showing off the house and all the girls loved it so much! We did a lot that day…. we had lunch, did a little shopping, shopped the Georgetown library book sale (so fun) and then while some of us relaxed at the house a few of us went on a little hike!

It was awesome because it was kinda cool and all the Aspens were turning gold on our hike!

 It was literally like we FOUND FALL! Oh ya know…. just being basic white girls excited about Fall!

 It was so fun and honestly seeing the Fall colors on the walk was stunning, perfect way to spend an hour!

So funny so we all brought rain gear but when we left to walk to lunch it was pretty hot so we left it at the house. What do ya know….. it poured and we laughed and walked in the rain the whole way back thinking about our rain jackets being all dry at the house! LOL

 During the afternoon rain we settled into the living room and had bookclub!

 You know when I have people at the Georgetown house I am more relaxed then if I had people to my home in Castle Rock. It does feel like a vacation and everyone can help themselves, we all chip in to clean up…. so it’s really nice being able to enjoy the day as well as play hostess.

OMG! I got the new game What Do You Meme and it did NOT disappoint!!! LOL! We had a ball and this is a good example of the craziness of the game!

Thank you girls for making the trek up to Georgetown and enjoying the day with me!!!!

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