BIG Birthday Week!

So, today is Isabella’s 15th Birthday!! This picture was taken this morning and if you ask me she doesn’t a day over 2!! Bella is my constant, we have grown up together, made many moves together and I literally couldnt love her anymore! Happy Birthday to my Bella!!!

 Look at this BIG BOY, Elway turned ONE yesterday! How did my newborn baby turn 1? LOL

 This little turkey is SO full of joy and mischief but he is wise beyond his ONE year! This little guy helped us get thru a tough time losing Abner and he is always down for a make out session!

Happy Birthday Elway Austin Savage, your a big boy now!

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  1. Anonymous
    September 19, 2017 / 3:14 pm

    Bella is always so shiny and beautiful. Happy Birthday Elway!! PS.Congrats on beating our Cowboys, you showed us Cowboy fans that Dak is human! Hopefully, the team will learn from it. (I am a fan but, only watch the highlights and commentating on the news by my favorite news sports caster.

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