Benjamin Button

Most of you know that we called Abner our Benjamin Button and if you haven’t seen the movie to understand the reference then you should PLUS it’s a great movie. Brad Pitt’s character was born an old man and each year he aged backwards, he got younger. And I know I have shared this story with you all before… but when we got Abner 8 years ago the doctors thought he was possibly 12 years old then. He was in bad shape but over the years with our LOVE and care he seemingly aged backwards! Our very own Benjamin Button………

 I was thinking of ways to honor Abner in tattoo form, who would of thought that would be something I would ever say BUT not a day goes by that I don’t LOVE looking at my arm and thinking of my Oscar. Well a few weeks ago it came to me a BUTTON. Literally a sewing button. And last Thursday I made that come to fruition….

 I was super nervous because that part of your arm can hurt so bad but my girl Brittany went with me and we chatted thru the pain! It’s funny when researching buttons I couldn’t find anything online, it’s a  weird tattoo so I wound up going to Hobby Lobby and picking an actual button.

 And yup it hurt, I have never had shading done before. You can see the button on his iPad for reference while he worked.

 It will take a week before it looks better and the coloring will blend and lighten up some. But I honestly think this is the perfect way to honor Abner. After the tattoo we went to dinner and had a glass of wine to cheers to the life we got to spend with my boy.

 All along I felt in denial still, like where is Abner… I was feeling disconnected from Abners memory and now I do feel like a piece of him is with me. I like that.

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  1. Anonymous
    September 19, 2017 / 3:11 pm

    Tattoos are healing and a good reminder of significant moments or loved ones. What a creative way to remember Abner. I love it, and the button!!

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