Moving On

Something my family knows about me and plenty of you might as well is that once I get an idea I MOVE on it. Literally. About a month ago I woke up with this large idea and in a matter of an hour this was my shopping cart at HomeGoods. What is this idea?

 This is our 4th bedroom and in fact the day I took this picture was a rather clean day. This room was to be the nursery. SO for the past 2 years since we moved into this home it has been empty and waiting. What this room had also become is a junk all. Open the door, throw something in and close door. Now, even if one day we decide to adopt this room will not need to a nursery anytime soon so why leave it this open room of despair that makes us unhappy? Hence my idea was born.
I wanted to make this a room we can both us, one that makes up happy and is functional…… an office/memory room.

 This has been my office, we have a rather large master bedroom so 1/2 of the room was my office space but I never liked it. So I woke up looked at this space from the bed and decided right then and their I will move it to the other room TODAY! ha! In all actuality this project took me a total of 5 days, pretty proud of that.

Can you imagine how thrilled Matt was when he came home from work that day to see the upstairs a mess and me asking him at 8pm to move furniture for me? LOL, pure joy was his reaction! LOL!!!!!!! In my defense I did try and move the desk by myself but I could not and I needed some of our old furniture from the basement (2 stories down) to be moved up. That was another thing I wanted to use things we had for this Reno and I gave myself a budget of $1,000. And I stuck to it! YAY ME

ps- Have you ever moved furniture up 2 stories with your husband to decide you hate it, then need to move it back down 2 stories? That is a true bonding experience let me tell ya! 

 I have never been one to be a complete DIY’er but I will say I was pretty proud of myself for this project, I turned our basement into “Nicole’s Workshop” and yes, there may or may not be spray paint on the concrete now but in my defense I didn’t realize how far the cloud of spray paint would travel outside my drop cloth zone.

 * Turning an old ugly file cabinet into something  to be proud of!
1. First up sand the whole thing to ensure that spray paint will stick. Also remove handles and then in the open space tape old magazine pages inside so the paint doesn’t get inside as well.
2. Spray paint, I choose Chalkboard spray paint and it took me 3 full coats to cover it completely
3. Let dry over night just to be sure.
4. I then used gold spray paint on the handles so when I put them back on they look fancy!

Something else about me you most likely know is that I am saver, I like to keep memories. They have been in storage in our basement but this Summer I have been organizing them and going thru everything and I always think what is the point of having them if they have kept hidden and you can’t go thru them.?! Somethings will still have to be stored but I wanted this office space to display our memories in unique ways.

First up, at our wedding our groomsmen gifts were custom engraved bats and we have one for us. And 10 years later we finally have it on display…

 My next DIY I forgot to take before pictures but this guy was white from Ikea and that bottom shelf is glass. So again I sanded all of this down, used gold spray paint that matched the handles on my file cabinet and got to spraying. This took 4 coats! Then that bottom shelf I ordered marble contact paper from Amazon and covered the shelf and I was shocked it really looks awesome! The whole shelf looks so much more expensive than $50!!!

I got matching photo boxes and in each box is Matt and I ‘s HS, College and “US” memories. So we can open them when we want to but they also look good styled on our shelves. The glove was Matt’s Mom’s and I knew that had to be prominently displayed along side her picture. That is a very special keepsake that did not deserve to stay in a box. 

 Inside these boxes are our wedding keepsakes along with the champagne flutes we used that is Mom and Dad used at their wedding and of course my garter!

 I turned that terrarium I got at HomeGoods into a display box…. inside is the Bolo Tie I have from my grandfather and a Tie that Matt received after his grandfather also passed. Keepsakes like that deserve a special place and it looks so awesome, I was so pleased.

 Here she is guys, my old filing cabinet!!! I Love it, it looks modern and turns a boring office area into something unexpected! And did I mention FREE!!!!!!

 I wanted to keep the desktop open with no clutter so Matt can easily come in and work as well. I did add a few touches like this calendar and succulent on one corner and ya, if you can’t tell I love using books as decorations!

 Bella loves the new space too so she is all sprawled out on the desk for you guys like a model! That picture behind the desk I found at HomeGoods and it actually a custom piece with an authenticity seal on the back, and that piece was the first thing I found and planned the whole room around.
Color Palette: Blues, Blacks, Grey, Gold and White
One one side I framed my Bridal portrait and our wedding photo and on the other side I created shadow boxes. One hold our World Series game tickets and the other holds our 2 tickets to the very first Okc Thunder game in 2008!

 I have a fun furry poof, got some fun arrow curtains from Overstock and those 3 blue boxes also hold memories. On the bottom shelf in those 2 grey boxes that is so very special to me, that is 2 cases of real silverware that my Oma brought over from Germany with her. It was in fact the only thing that she brought with her and she used her own money to buy them. Now I will cherish them.

 SO when I was going thru boxes of memories I found an old sketch book of Matt’s and in it was this sketch of the front of our very first house together in Oklahoma and I knew it had to be framed! and ps- that HOME frame looks crooked but I swear it is straight!

 SO what did I do with the other space in our large master??? Well I used an old love seat we had in the basement and created a reading nook or also known as the cat’s favorite new chair!

 Those are 2 shelves from Ikea that were $40 total and I have finally have a bookshelf to showcase some of my books and pictures. I used grey and white to make this space light and a calming space in the bedroom and I am very pleased with how is turned out! That chair is just waiting for you to come and visit!

I do feel like these spaces are better in person, when my Mom, Oma and Marissa came then went on and on and it made me so proud.
Maybe this post will inspire you or you can take away ideas to use in your own home!

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