First of all many people have no idea what in the world micrblading is, so lets start there!

What is microblading? Everything you need to know about the game-changing eyebrow treatment…..

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Here is my before, I didn’t hate my brows by any means but the idea of waking up and having them ready to go sounded awesome and after really thinking this over…. I mean this is MY FACE I decided to take the leap! Lucky for you I took you along for the ride!

If you are in Denver Claire at Restorative Injectables is your gal! Plus Restorative Injectables is awesome and Taylor can help you out with all your skin needs PLUS she is a fellow OKIE!! Yup, who would of thought Oklahomans are everywhere! You can check her site HERE

This is the numbing portion of the day and although it doesn’t hurt like a tattoo it is not very pleasant. Literally a “micro blade” is cutting into your skin. For real.

This isn’t something they just wing…. it’s very precise for your face shape hence the drawing on my face. And during your first treatment it should take around 2 1/2 hours and that includes several rounds. I know…. I love giving you guys good silly face!

I mean look it looks like really hair and plus my real brows are still there! This was right after my first session!

So I will say this… the first 10 days are rough. I mean you have the same eyebrows your whole life and then WHAM bold brows. I thought WHAT DID I DO! Over 10 days they fade and heal so you have to trust the process. Plus did I mention you can’t get them wet for 10 days? No sweating, no sun, no make-up…. it’s a whole process …

Lucky for me I love wearing hats and I used neutrogena make-up cleaning cloths to wash my face each morning and evening and that worked out pretty well. Yes, they will itch and that sucks and you have to keep ointment on them so they constantly look wet… it’s weird.

This is after they have healed, 10 days. Since then they did fade some more and I had some open spots that needed to be touched up but that is why it is a 2 step process….

I went back on Monday for my “perfecting” session and this is right after. So currently I am healing again and wearing hats but I am so excited to see the final product in 10 days! This should last about a year and then after that you go back in for touch-ups as needed.

After the initial shock I am super pleased and so glad I did it! I feel like my new brow shape makes me look younger and I absolutely recommend this for you!!!!! Just do your research and research your esthetician as well because its literally your face! LOL!

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  1. Anonymous
    August 10, 2017 / 2:00 pm

    They look awesome! I have the thinnest brows ever. As a kid I practially had not eyelid, they were that bad.I may have to take the leap. Ashley did it and they too look great!

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