Because I Said I Would

 Over this Summer Matt and I have been lucky enough to volunteer with our group Because I Said I Would and really help in our small way to make Denver a wonderful place!
You can learn more about our Denver Chapter of Because I Said I Would HERE

 We volunteered at water stations during the Mile High Cystic Fibrosis Climb. I know a lot of families that have someone with CF and my friend Corie is really involved in the Denver CF Foundation so it was really nice to do our part!

In June we took served Healthy Meal for the Homeless and it was a true assembly line process! We served over 150 meals that day! It was such a nice sense of accomplishment for us all!

 Matt and I are also lucky enough to have made a couple of great new friends in the group, we have the best time with them.

 A few weekends ago we did a trash pick-up along the Platte river in downtown Denver and after the volunteering we hosted a cookout for our volunteers! Matt manned our tailgate grill!

 Our group picked up over 21 bags of trash that morning and I loved hearing stories about how people were stopping to thank our volunteers for working so hard!
While they picked up trash I was setting up the cookout and holding down our pavilion!

We have a lot more things coming up like CPR certification and much more!
I have always said it… Volunteering is truly selfish because although you are doing so much to help you leave feeling so good.

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  1. Anonymous
    August 31, 2017 / 1:18 pm

    So awesome! I saw someone at church with one of those shirts on, I wanted to go up and say, I know someone that is part of that organization! I should have said, how do I join.I love Matt's tattoo of the trees!! They are such works of art these days. I so want to get another one but, not sure of what or where.

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