3 Generations

You know it may not always seem it but there is a method to my madness, my large ideas are carefully thought out. So….. Mom and I planned a 4 day trip for her to bring my Oma back to visit us here in Colorado. She came last time in Winter so I was excited to show her how beautiful Colorado is over Summer….

 My Oma is so dear to me there are no words and sadly we think this trip is most likely her last time to travel out of Oklahoma. Aging is sad and cruel but I knew I wanted to make this trip so special.

 I LOVE Vail in the Summer, it is designed after the Alps and a European village so my thought was that since my Oma is from Germany maybe this would give her a small slice of home. It also was her Birthday and Vail has several German restaurants so perfect.

 I then called baby sister and I knew she had to come, we all needed to be here and when will that happen again? Being a newlywed is hard so Matt and I flew Marissa out here to ensure she could come! We then loaded up and headed to spend a night in Vail. We stayed at a beautiful lodge that overlooked the mountain and was lush with trees.

 Oma really wanted to ride the Gondola to the top and so we did. The views were spectacular, after we walked around Vail village and did a little shopping!

 We pass thru Georgetown on the way to and from Vail so I was very excited to get to stop and show them the Savage Mountain home. We also rode the Georgetown Loop Railroad something we knew my Oma would love. The trip was lovely but the altitude was very hard on Oma this time and she wasn’t feeling her best.

 Oma loves flowers so she very much enjoyed all the flowers that covered Vail Village. It was so nice having 3 generations together somewhere other than my house or my Mom’s for a few days. We will always remember this little getaway.

 Oma LOVED Elway too,  I knew she would but it was so great seeing how much they loved each other. Together Oma and I even gave Elway a bath which HE LOVES and watching my Oma love on my kids was priceless.

Cheers to family

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