10 Months

I can’t believe our baby Elway is almost 10 months, he thinks he is 10 months going on 10 years. LOL! Let me tell you that Elway is so full of JOY it is contagious. You can just see how happy and kind his soul is and he has been so helpful during this past few weeks without Abner. If it wasn’t for Elway I am not sure how Ralph would have gotten thru, Elway and Ralph are the best of buds and he is there for Ralph and gives him someone to play with. It really has brought out the puppy in our Ralph. Same with us, Elway and his joy have helped Matt and I… you can’t be sad when you see this face. 

 Yes, this baby is spoiled rotten but we love it! His love tank is never full, he needs constant kisses, cuddles and play play time!

 Elway even traveled with me to the Georgetown house to meet his grandparents a few months ago and he ran around like a little boss. He even saw some deer and thought he might like to go after them! This silly little boy.

 When my Mom, Oma and sister were here 3 weeks ago they all fought over Elway. I think that must be what it is like when you have kids, the joy you get from seeing your family love on your children is so amazing. Really watching my family love on my babies makes my heart sing. Elway had a very special place in his heart for my Oma, she wrapped him up and snuggled him at night.

We 100% did the right thing brining in Elway knowing that sometime Abner would leave us and Ralph would need a companion. This little guy has been our glue lately and we all love him so very much!

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