Sweet Home Oklahoma

I was so LUCKY to be able to stop into my Besties Store on Friday to see her, catch up and get some awesome arm candy!! Its so great to see Melissa and I was glad my Mom and sister got to see her also! You guys need to check out Rustic Cuff!

 Saturday we traveled to Ardmore, Ok for my 2nd Cousins wedding…. how gorgeous does Katie look?

 What was awesome is that I got to spend time with a lot of extended family I don’t normally get to see including my 106 year old Great Grandma Ruby! So that was a special day! Congrats again Katie and Dan!

 Sunday was extra special because I got to meet and spend time with Jackson my first nephew!! So I did this weird thing by pretending to bite his fingers and it was a HIT! I know, I am very funny and I got a pretty great smirk out of him! He really like my Mom but who doesn’t!

It’s always great to be in Oklahoma and seeing all my Animal-Siblings is the BEST!!!! Lots of love all around for them and ME!

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