Doctor DuBois

 Last weekend my whole family as well as my brother’s in-laws all gathered in St. Louis because my brother graduated from Optometry school! My smartie pants brother is officially a DOCTOR!!!

 A huge bonus and a fun surprise is that mat brother won the awards for “Excellency in Ocular Diseases” for his entire graduating class! What is even better about that is that Curtis IS going to specialize in Ocular Diseases!

We are all so very proud of him and it was truly a nice weekend for us all to be together as a family and celebrate him!

 It was so nice for the 3 of us to be together…. laughs, teases, poking fun and being the original 3!

 BIG Thank you to Ryan, Marissa’s husband for taking this photo! We just need to photoshop him and Matt into the picture below and it’s complete!

 You see his future is so bright…. he has to wear shades! LOL! Isn’t this a typical graduation pic?

 We got ONE picture with everyone!!! Saturday night our last night we all went to Jeni’s Ice cream… my love from my Columbus days! So exciting they have a St. Louis location! My family is in the picture as well as Jordan my sister-in-laws family! ❤️

 Mom and her ladies before dinner one night! Curtis and Jordan have these beautiful roses out front of their house! And actually today they are packing up and moving to Tulsa, Ok for Curtis’s residency!

It was a great weekend full of laughs, good food, family, celebrations and smiles!

Congrats again Curtis!!!!!!!!

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