It’s EXXpensive to be ME

Some of you might know Erika Jayne from her numerous #1 Dance Hits, maybe her time currently on DWTS where she is killing it with Gleb….

 Most of you know her from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills where she is THE fan favorite! But no matter how you know her, people love her! As do I! When I heard she was performing in Denver I was so excited!

Oh you know it’s just me and my new pal Erika! LOL! And might I add I thought I had on a ton of make-up since it was a night out but next to her and her hair I am so plain Jane! LOL! And yes, she is really so stunning in person and that tall because of her SKY high THIGH high boots!

 Ya we were pretty close because it was a rather small venue, a night club in Denver! It was super neat!

SO…… Here is the low down…. She didn’t take the stage until 12:30AM!!! And she did 5 songs. her dancers were awesome…. Gleb her DWTS partner came out and danced (which was AMAZING) and ABC was there filming. She doesn’t sign live but she performs! And she is super super small. She is stunning. During the meet and greet we were each literally ONLY given 5 seconds to say HI (I told her she was stunning) and snap a pic! After waiting around for 2 1/2 hours for her it was a quick whirlwind! It was fun and Gleb is soooo good looking! LOL! I mean she knows what her crowd likes and gives it! Just look at this fierce picture….

 I mean what is not to love about a fully rhinestoned body suit and thigh high boots?!?! For real.

 Overall it was a lot of fun but getting literally only 3 hours of sleep was BRUTAL!!!!!! But for Mrs. Exxpensive I would do it all again!

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