Hey guys…. TGIF!! SOOOOO I have news….. I got a TATTOO! This is my 3rd and that is something I thought I would never say! LOL! But this wasn’t a spur of the moment but something I have been thinking about for months! My good friend Rebecca was nice enough to come with me, which made it much more fun!!

The next pictures I call the many faces of pain. And I get it… this is a small tattoo and I am being a baby but you guys, the inside of your bicep is soft and I GREATLY underestimated the amount of pain. I got nauseous and had tears brought to my eyes! Luckily it only took a little over 30 minutes to complete this. 

 This is the Tattoo artist is who did my weenie dog for Oscar last year and when I showed him my ideas he took them and created something new that would look good. I trusted that he clearly knows best and he was so kind when I made him change the placement of the tattoo like 3 times before we started!! Look at my face… speaking of weenies, I look like a HUGE one………

 This is the look of I HAD NO IDEA IT WOULD HURT THIS BAD combined with not breathing. Rebecca was a wonderful photographer, thanks friend!

SO here she is……. This is 9 Chevron/Arrowheads and each one represents an infertility procedure. 7 IUI’s and 2 Rounds of IVF. They are in a row because as you go up it changes you and the pain from the tattoo reflects the pain of everything we went thru. This is also a play off of the Military ranking system… the more “Chevrons” you have the higher the rank and the more I went thru the more it changes you. This is also a reminder that I am MUCH stronger than I though I was and that I/we did everything we could. I did it, I survived what I thought at times I wound’t. And I love that you wound’t know the meaning of this unless I told you. 

OH ya, it hurts today… thats for sure and I will show more pictures as the swelling goes down and you can see the actual tattoo better. Maybe this will help bring me closure? That would be nice. 

Anyways….. I DID IT! ARGH!!!!!!

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  1. Anonymous
    April 7, 2017 / 8:52 pm

    Beautiful and so meaningful! I am literally in tears at my desk! You are my hero! You left out the part of being on your bicep, so that when you flex your muscle it will stand out even more. You are one of the if not, the strongest woman I truly know. – Janet

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