Spring Snow

In Colorado March and April are 2 of our snowiest months and we have had a very mild Winter this year. In the past week I have woke up to a WINTER WONDERLAND twice and I LOVE IT! The ground has been pretty warm so the snow has melted in 1 day both times but it is so pretty while it lasts. 

 Ralph and Elway LOVE the snow so like a good Mommy I get all bundled up and we go play around in the snow for a bit!

 Honestly seeing the joy in their faces and running around with them is a TON of fun! Their happiness is so pure and that is hard to not have rub off on me! Look at little Elway running thru like inches! He got a work out in for sure!

When we come inside I warm him by the fire, it’s so cute… I mean he is still a little baby! Then through out the rest of the day they cry at the door to go back out.

What is Abner doing while we are outside? Snuggling on the couch of course, he has never been one for snow or rain for that fact!

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  1. Anonymous
    March 31, 2017 / 4:09 pm

    How fun! Sweet Abner sounds like a little old man, let him snuggle inside where it is warm and dry. :)Leaving the young ones to have their fun and games.Love the snow pictures. We pretty much had no winter and Spring scary weather is already upon us! People that live in colder areas (snowbirds) that move to warmer climates for those months. I have concluded, I want to be a person that moves somewhere else during storm season….somewhere with no tornado's or straightline winds…where the weather forecasters don't tell you days ahead to prepare for the worst and you are on edge.(It is still Winter in Canada…maybe I will move up there, although they came to visit and said it stays cold and buried in snow for months straight, that it is unbearable. Hmmm?)

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