Spring Break

 Mom likes to come over Spring Break and we pretend we are are on Spring Break too! LOL! When Mom comes I like to explore my city and do things that I wouldn’t normally do on my own which is nice! One of the main things we did last week was PUPPY SNUGGLES!! That little Elway is a greedy little LOVE hog! He couldnt get enough kisses from Mom, it was so cute!

 I went to a Mummy exhibit at a museum a month or two ago I could go on and on about how much I loved it so when I saw a new Vikings Exhibit, I knew we had to go!

First Mom and I make mean Vikings don’t we? You can call me Lagertha! If you don’t watch Vikings on History Channel you are missing out… I LOVE IT! So it was neat to see actual Vikings artifacts!

 I mean when you take a moment to think about what these swords have seen and who may have held them, it is incredible. Truly and I love history!

On St Patty’s Day I took all 3 of us to a Irish Cooking Class at one of my favorite places in Denver, Uncorked Kitchen! Matt has been very busy with work and it was nice that he was able to spend a little time with Mom and I!

 We had a ton of fun at the class and the 3 of us always seem to find ways to crack up and find fun in anything. We were all also beyond exhausted and the class fastest until late so we were a little slap happy if you know what I mean! LOL

 It’s always nice to have Mom in town and pretend to be on vacation in our own city.

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