Lots of Laughs

You guys here is the thing…. I just don’t watch comedies on TV, movies… YES…. TV? Not really. Mostly because they are not funny to me, comedies seem to be just plain stupid. I am a Drama girl all the way on my DVR but lately I have expanded and I have to share! Lets jump right in…

Ok, surely unless you are living under a rock then you have to have heard about the new Netflix show Santa Clarita Diet! You guys this is FUNNY!! And even my parents are hooked! This is a new take on zombies and Drew Barrymore is perfection ….. just watch it. DO IT. TRUST ME and did I mention they are Realtors? Hysterical!

Next up is The Mick on Fox and although sometimes its stupid I am HOOKED! It is so funny and just watch it! You can catch up OnDemand and I insist you do!

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