* Disclaimer, this is NOT a political, liberal, religious post. But what it is, it a Human post. I do not care about your negativity, K? Thanks!*

As a human and as a person who is a Christian I always remember reading that everyone is equal, you should love your neighbor has your own and there are no loop holes there. It is simple. You should treat everyone with dignity and respect even if you do not agree with them. And sadly that right there is the biggest problem today. “Christians” keep thinking there are rules they exempt to and it is so very sad. 

I have told you all before I am a believer of ALL and I love education myself and learning about things that are new to me. And I am so thankful I watched this documentary Gender Revolution. What I found the MOST interesting was the actual science in the brain and how it is different on Transgender individuals. I also learned how many people are born each year being both sexes, nothing is as black and white as people would like things to be….

Here is a clip about Gender Revolution which will explain things much better than I can…..

Something shocking I learned that was 1/2 of all Transgender people take their own lives, how is that ok? They are put into a position to hate themselves so much that they die, it’s horrible. This documentary shows the faces, the stories and emotions behind the headlines and I really really wish you all would watch it. You can catch it ONDemand and learn more about watching it HERE
And how in the name of Jesus can you shame, hate, call names to other humans and think that is ok?

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