Step ONE

Step ONE
Since our last failed IVF in August I have been starring at my unused infertility meds in the fridge. And ya, I was able to share some with 2 people already but I wanted it ALL GONE. So this week I packed it all up and shipped it all to California. I met a lot of friends on Instagram during this whole process and I was able to give everything to someone who will be going thru IVF at some point this year. It really does feel good helping someone out and I love that I will be able to follow her journey and hopefully something good can come out of all of this medicine!
I tried to shed some of the mental weight of all of this when I shipped those meds and only time will tell if it worked.

Step TWO
Last year injecting myself with flipping HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE is bound to cause one to gain weight and overall I gained about 10 pounds back last year. NOW the only good thing about my Wisdom Teeth surgery was that I lost 9 pounds in that week. So that was a blessing and now I want to loose an additional 3 pounds and then focus again on maintaining this year. So it was nice to get a little head start on step two!

Anyways just wanted to share with you all a little bit about my 2017 journey thus far!!!

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  1. Anonymous
    January 13, 2017 / 8:06 pm

    Great job on 1 and 2!! (Although, 1 was not an ideal way).Praying Step 1 it will help lose or lighten the mental weight. It is cool that you will get to follow her journey.

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