SNOW Day!!!

Last year we had WAY more snow at this time so when I woke up to a winter wonderland today I was so excited! I thought that Elway was big enough to have a fun snow day! At first he wasn’t really excited about going out into it but then he saw how much fun his big brother Ralph was having and he was ready to go………..

 It’s so cute Elway wants to do everything his big brother does and they are finally forming a special bond! And literally right now Elway is laying side by side Ralph and they are both chewing bones! It makes my heart happy!

 What also makes my heart happy is seeing the JOY Ralph is having today running with his brother in the yard! Abner wants nothing to do with this white cold stuff and he is tucked into a pile of blankets on the couch while we were outside! Look at this cute action shot…….

Check out my Facebook and Instagram for some cute Snow day videos!!!!! Happy Monday my friends!

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