Manchester by the Sea

So I decided that I finally wanted to see what all the fuss was about regarding this movie, Best Actor and Best Picture contender. I knew that this was not an uplifting movie so I didn’t go into this with any false idea of what I was watching. The thing is this is just a story, there is no high, there is NO resolution, there is no real movement and then 2 1/2 hours later it literally just ends. This is about a guy (Casey) who is dealing with the crappy life he has been dealt with but then realizes that after his brother dies he is the guardian of his nephew but doesn’t want to be. You can see he does have a good heart but it has been broken too many times to feel anymore.
With that being said ya, Casey Affleck was great. He played miserable and sad perfectly but I have never seen him smile in real life so I am not sure this was too hard. I am sure he will win the Oscar because this is a movie he doesn’t even smile once. But there was nothing special about this movie, I’d say this is a renter and make sure your not in any mood to be uplifted. But to each their own, huh?

PS- like 1/3 of the movie is literally Casey Affleck driving around in his car with no words. Trust me on this.

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