My Best of 2016

I think a lot of people besides me had a rough 2016 but I think it is important that we look back on the good of year as well. So that is what I did and of course it was such a wonderful walk down this years memory lane. I am excited to share with you all today and of course I probably missed things but for me these were the highlights! (In NO order)

* Concerts GALORE!

My #1 concert this year and a top 5 of ALL time was AC/DC which was one of the BEST gifts Matt has ever given me! No joke this night was epic!

We also got to see Styx and Boston with Matt’s family, Foreigner with my parents, Hall and Oats at Red Rocks, Journey, The Doobie Brothers and each concert was so much fun! I was a lucky girl this Summer as far as live music goes!

* My Baby Sisters wedding!
This picture below captures such a fun night with my family and I will literally always cherish this one!

 The day went off beautifully just like my sister was and being able to help out and put her at ease for her big day meant the world to me!

* Our 2 Trips over the Summer and Fall thanks to Farmers Insurance!

Boston and the East Coast has been a dream of mine so to get to spend time there was so much fun!

 And the fact that Farmers Insurance shut down the stadium before the game, made everything FREE to us and we got to watch batting practice….. I mean that was a dream come true!

 And my husband qualifying for Farmers Insurance Championship which means he is in the Top 1% of the company, so proud and happy for him and us!

 Getting to then spend a week in Savannah and Charleston was the best week and we both agree that we enjoyed this week better than Boston (how is that possible). Getting to stay at The Zero George in Charleston which is one of the best hotels in the world, I was so spoiled!

* Realtor

Finishing up Real Estate school and passing my exams to become a licensed Realtor, I am proud of myself! I am excited to see what happens in the New Year. 

 * Elway Austin Savage
Of course this blessing has been SO MUCH WORK but adding a new member to the family is a big step and I know he will fit in eventually! (lol)

And we may be biased as we are with all our fur-children but Elway happens to be the cutest pup around!

* Family

Having Matt’s family here in June for the Boston concert and a Rockies game, then my parents for a Broncos game is always so fun! Sharing our state with our family is always a highlight!

Memories are fun even when they only happened this year! I hope next year is full of the EXACT same!!!!!!

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