Todays post is best summed up by a text message I got from my sister yesterday…. “Sorry about your mouth” yup, true dat! So no judging but I HATE the dentist, I had awful experiences growing up and I literally have refused to go for many many moons! But This past week it was time (dun dun dun) and I got the news I didn’t want. 

So ya, I need al 4 of my wisdom teeth cut out, THEN I need a root canal and 2 crowns! YAY me! And I am also I found out I am a SUPER duper grinder, so mouth guard come and get me! I meet with the oral surgeon this coming week to discuss my surgery. But there is ONE bright spot for all the infertility this year…. We have not only reached our deductible but our out of pocket cost as well, so this surgery will be covered at 100%! Finally a little bit of good news but I have to get this done before Dec 31!!!!!!!! I don’t like anything about teeth or surgery for that fact and I am scared to death, I have asked my Mom to come and stay because let’s me honest Hubby’s are not good nurses!

I’ll keep you all updated but needly to say I am SO SO SO OVER 2016. 2016 you are DEAD to me.

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  1. Okieboymom
    November 11, 2016 / 7:09 pm

    When you're at the oral surgeon have them make sure you don't have "long roots" wrapping around your nerve. I had mine removed about a month ago due to my dentist pressuring me and am still numb. I can't chew food or do my job and well it just sucks. 😫 I regret it every day! I hate posting Debbie downer stuff but I feel like it's my duty to warn people now.

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