Movie Monday

Hi friends, Monday again huh?? I don’t know about you but I kinda like the time change… when it gets darker earlier it just screams FALL to me…. and snuggles, fire.. you get me! Did you all have a nice weekend? I’m gonna be honest, I had a terrible weekend! And I saw not 1 but 2 movies alone and ya, take your hints as to my weekend by that. Whatever it’s Monday and it still sucks but all things shall pass, right?

When I am upset or having a very bad day I love escaping to a movie… because that it what it is… an escape. A place where I can clear my mind and relax for 2 whole hours. The movie theater is my #1 escape. 

Doctor Strange!

I love a Marvel movie and I was excited to see this one and it did not disappoint! Benedict is perfect for this role and I would describe this as Inception meets the Avengers/Dr Who! This is a non stop thrill ride that makes your mind work to keep up and thats a lot of fun! All ages will like this and husbands too, maybe not all of my girlfriends but I was a happy movie goer!

Man, I have missed Robert Langdon and these books! I read the first one well over a decade ago and I read this one many many years ago as well…. so I was surprised as anyone in the theater because I forgot what had happened! I loved this just like I loved the others, the settings are stunning, I love the history and the puzzles. I am only sad its over now……..

Well Cheers to good movies and to hopefully my week getting better starting tomorrow.

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