La La Land

 This past week my friend Rebecca and I got to do something cool, we went to the kick off of the Denver Film Fest which was a screening of La La Land. AND not only did we get to see one of the most anticipated movies of the Holidays but Emma Stone and the Director were in attendance!
Here she is on the red carpet, there were too many photographers so I didn’t see this in person but found this pic online!

Emma received the excellence in acting award for the festival and when she spoke she was lovely, saying this was her first time in Denver and if everytime she comes will the reception be this great! 

 After the screening there was a Q&A with Emma and the Director, talking about the challenges of making a musical set in modern times but with a old classic feel to the film.

What is MY review?

SO the movie opens with a BANG the opening sequence song and dance is amazing!!! I was like OMG I am gonna LOVE this and I did BUT…… the middle dragged… Too much self absorbed talk and not enough going on. The movie is about a struggling actress who meets the struggling Jazz musician (Ryan Gosling) and how they navigate life in La La Land. I wanted MORE songs, more dancing…. there wasn’t enough. Actually in the preview below you will see a clip of EVERY song and dance number….. not enough. But the tap dancing, the massive production numbers I fell in love with, am I going to sing these musical numbers at home? No, it wasn’t like that. This was like the “art” version/nod to musicals of the past. I loved the ending, I think this movie wrapped everything up in a beautiful bow always set in beautiful surroundings. Now, I can’t speak for all husbands but they will hate it…I know Matt would. This is the perfect Friday afternoon girls movie!!!!

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