Colorado Wolf and Wildlife

Friday Mom, Dad and I took a day trip to Divide, CO population 210 BUT a nice population of foxes and wolves! I found this Sanctuary online and I am SO glad I did, The Colorado Wold and Wildlife Center was amazing, educational and in a breathtaking setting. This place is first and foremost committed to education the public on the crisis of the wolf population and their conservation efforts. Watch this video shot at the sanctuary to learn more…..

At the Sanctuary you get to take a 1 hour tour to meet all the wolves (foxes too), learn about them and watch them get treats. You guys, they are just like puppies…. for real. 

Take a moment to read how this lovely sanctuary got started, something we learned about was the “true pack” mentality of this amazing species. I mean we knew how bonded they are together but seeing it first hand and learning how important family is to these animals and how hard the grieving process is for them, it’s incredible and sad considering how people are treating them.

The fox enclosure was so cute and these guys are little busy-bodies thats for sure! This one finally decided on a morning nap after a busy morning of digging holes!

When you look at them so close its almost hard to remember that this isn’t a family pet but a wolf, and they were the sweetest!

These two are a mated pair who we learned like to occasionally battle back and forth for who is the Alpha. Bickering old married couple is right.

Just look how stunning they are and we got to hear them howl and talk to one another and it was beautiful!

We all had the best time and highly recommend this place to anyone traveling near Colorado Springs.

To learn more about the center, plan a visit or make a donation please click HERE

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