Cave of the Winds

Last Friday after we went to the Wolf Sanctuary we went to Manitou Springs, this charming little tourist town outside of Colorado Springs nestled in the base of Pikes Peak. We walked thru main street and had lunch at this European Cafe which was really really good!

 After lunch we went to our last stop of the day Cave of The Winds in Manitou Springs!

 This amazing cave system is inside the base of a mountain and this attraction is set in the cliff of the mountain overlooking the stunning canyon below.

 I always love playing tourist in my own state and lucky me Colorado will always give us plenty of opportunities to do that, the hard part is just narrowing it all down for that day!

 We took an hour long tour inside the cave which was incredible, I loved learning the history of the cave and how the tours ran when this first opened. And let me tell you back then you couldn’t pay me money to CRAWL in the dark for 4 hours just to see 1 open room then to only crawl back in the dark to get out.

 This is a great tour but honestly unlike the tour says… fun for all ages, don’t bring toddlers! Or anyone who can’t walk a million stairs or pay attention for a full hour. We had fun but some others were trying to ruin it for us!

A few years back the Today filmed from Cave of the Winds and they have an attraction called the Terror-Dactyl which I would NEVER DO but the Today show did! You can see the video below, its funny…

To learn more about Cave of the Winds click HERE

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  1. Becky
    November 30, 2016 / 9:55 pm

    I would totally ride that…you need to muster the courage so you and I can do it together…if I ever get to visit there again. Paying for college is brutal.

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