Abner Gundy Savage

This Friday marks the Anniversary of the day we brought our boy Abner home and is therefor his Birthday. He was in the worst shape when we got him and no one knew his exact age and to this day we only guess along with the vet. Most likely Abner will be 15 on Friday, our little old man. Since living with our family for the past 7 years he has battled seizures, intestine issues and now our boy is losing his hearing and his eye sight. We have reason to believe that our boy might not be with us too much longer and that pains us greatly ( I hope we are wrong). 

This EXACT time last year almost to the day we found out Oscar had cancer and my parents came to visit him where my Dad did a photo shoot with Matt, Oscar and myself. That was one of the greatest gifts we have, doing that before it got too late. So this last weekend my Dad once again gave us the sweetest gift of letting our Abner be the star of our Fall pictures. 

Abner has days when I think everyone must be wrong… he acts like a puppy but then there are days when I just know it in my heart. We spoon feed our oldest baby and lace his food with cheese…. because Abner gets what Abner wants from now on. I will of course keep everyone updated on his health and the thought of losing not 1 but 2 of my children in the same year breaks me, it breaks us both. I could NEVER imagine our family without Abner, he is truly the light of our family and if you have been around him…. you know that is true! It’s a true honor to be bossed around by him! lol

Here are some of the photos and the rest I am putting on Facebook you can see HERE

I only have one more thing to say…. Could Abner BE ANYMORE handsome and dapper? I surely think NOT!



  1. Sarah Couture
    November 3, 2016 / 12:14 am

    First off I love how you are with and about your fur kids. We also do not have human children but have our two fur kiddos and we just love them to the moon and back. Second……your outfit!!! So awesome

  2. Anonymous
    November 3, 2016 / 3:20 pm

    Such sweet and perfect pictures to be treasured forever!

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