Turkish Coffee Reading

About 2 weeks ago my friend Melissa and I went to have Turkish Coffee Readings, something super new to us. Melissa like me is a believer of all things and in fact we share the same Physic here in Denver as well but we love trying new things. You can see where we went by clicking HERE

Turkish Readings are different, your loved ones aren’t going to come thru that is a mediums job. At this reading Silvana uses her intuitive mind and Turkish teachings to look into our future or tell us more about ourselves thru the cups. 

 She pours the drink which is very very strong and thick coffee and you drink. Then you turn your cup upside down and she reads the blot you personally leave as well as the markings inside your cup. And let me tell you and I can speak for both Melissa and I…. it was unreal how accurate she was, it really is a gift.
For instance Melissa’s cup had a ton to say…. things about her past, future events coming up and who she is becoming as a person that her and I both know to be true. Her cup was more talkative than mine, ha. My cup was different only 2 things came thru and they both came thru very strong. One was a current situation that she was 100% spot on and the other I will tell you was weird. So in my cup a “Stranger” came thru, now after the cup reading was done we each had our cards read and I also got the stranger card. Silvana was actually worried for me, I am NOT joking she said she feels like I have a stranger watching me, like an actual person. She feels me being watched and not in a good way. SO ya, that happened. And ya, she went into more depth but thats not for here…..it’s been on my mind of course.

Other than the weird omen I received TWICE we both loved it. My cards were crazy accurate about things going on in my life and where she sees me heading in my life. This was such a neat experience both Melissa and I agree that we will absolutely be back to see Silvana again. 

You know this world and universe is far bigger than we could ever imagine and certain people and different cultures tap into things differently. You have to have an open mind and believe that it all works together in a beautiful cosmic chain. I am glad I am a believer of all things and that I enjoy expanding my mind and seeing what this world has to offer me.
Turkish Coffee Readings?? Yes!!

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  1. Anonymous
    October 26, 2016 / 2:00 pm

    That is a bit scary as far as someone watching you. Be careful. I am glad you enjoyed something new, Turkish Coffee Readings….learn something new everyday! 😉

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