Today I am going to share with you all 2 of my favorite locations in Savannah, it truly is like stepping back in time depending on where you are. And one thing I didn’t realize is how tropical it is, I know.. it is on the coast in the South but at times I felt like I could be in Mexico. It was like being in a completely different country that is for sure!

Sunday while Matt was golfing I went to visit the Historic Wormsloe Plantation Ruins and I had no idea how breathtaking it would be in person.

 And yes, this famous row of trees have been in many movies including Forest Gump! I went early, as soon as it opened so I was lucky enough to get some good pictures without cars.

 I mean can’t you just imagine horses, buggies, old cars headed down this path? I always like to take time where I am to really imagine what it was like “way back when” it just amazes me so much.

 Something I learned is that all the Spanish Moss hanging from the trees is neither Spanish nor is it actually moss. It is actually related to the Pineapple and it isn’t attached to the trees but rather uses the trees as a base to hang onto to capture the water. It’s breathtaking isn’t it?

 This right here is the actual ruins of one of the first plantations in the South, Wormsloe and this was built in 1702 and in fact the graves of the family are also located here. It was so early I was literally the only person in this state park, the hike to this location was only about 1/2 a mile but it was so silent I could here everything. I imagine that back in 1702 it was like a jungle and at times could be very scary, especially at night.

 Right off the edge of this jungle/forrest land is swamp……..

 I was hoping to see some gators but I didn’t see any, I did see some deer walking thru the trees though.

 About another 1/2 mile from the ruins is a settlement that was built to show what life was like back in the 1700s and it was built as accurately as we know today. We are truly lucky, I swear I could never live back then.

 Wormsloe was really magical and it was so great to step back in time!!! Next up you guys is the very famous Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah which was also a literal walk thru history………..

 Some of the graves date back to the late 1700s all the way thru today and the way the moss hung from the trees surrounding the graves is 1 part Magical and 1 part Creepy…. which makes this place so amazing!

 This is truly a place that you can just imagine the souls climbing out at night to take a walk around the cemetery. This place is also famous because parts of the Clint Eastwood movie Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil where filmed here.

 I am quite proud of some of my pictures…. my budding photographer side of me loved Savannah!!

Tomorrow I am going to share with you Matt and I ‘s favorite day in Georgia…. Tybee Island!!!!

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